Konkurs z języka angielskiego

I would like to announce the Christmas Meme Contest.
Your task would be to create a Christmas meme (a meme about Christmas) in English.
I would like to draw your attention to the copyrights (prawa autoskie), so please use only pictures from legal and authorised sources, like, for example, the pages listed below:




You can only use pictures from the public domain (domena publiczna/ zwana rówież CC0).

Please send your work to me via Teams or Librus by 17.12.2020.
Then, the jury will choose the best works. The winner of the whole competition will be chosen by voting on Facebook.

You can win fame (your meme might be published on our school’s Facebook), extra grades (ask your English teachers for more details). Three winning memes will get pizes.

In case of any questions, please contact me.

Have fun and good luck!

Best regards,
Jędrzej Triebwasser

Data publikacji: 04-12-2020